Holistic Natural Health

The art of healing yourself

Welcome to The Atlantis Light. I am here to guide you to live a healthy life by following simple steps that will help you connect back to your full well-being. No matter what condition you’re in, whether it’s minor inflammation, injury or fatigue, to chronic illness such as cancer or hiv, you are able to heal yourself. It can be a minor healing (decrease or reduce the symptoms) or it can be a major healing (healing the cause).

If you are looking for answers and guidance to

  • heal from a major injury or illness
  • loose weight in a healthy natural way
  • relieve pain and discomfort
  • be more healthy and fit
  • be more peaceful and calm
  • find your life purpose

Let me help you. I teach people to heal themselves by healing these 5 bodies that we have:-

1. Physical Body

Our physical body houses our spirit. Therefore we must take care of our body by addressing the following:-

  • Diet –¬†Eating¬†proper nutritious food and regular intake of clean water
  • Movement – Daily movement of the body increase circulation, exercises such as Yoga, Chi Gong, Tai Chi, walking or running, swimming, dancing, and weight training
  • Living & Working Spaces – The spaces where we spent most of our time in, such as our bedroom and working space, have to be in harmony with our energy. We should make these spaces clean and inviting to our nature
  • Relationships – The relationship between our friends and family can affect us and we try to create positive connections among one another
2. Energy Body

Our etheric body, or known as chi, prana or life force energy, creates a protective shell to shield our physical body. Any imbalance in our energetical field, such as a hole in our aura, or an inflammation of the aura, can lead to physical health issues. We can use energy work such as Reiki and breathing to realign the chi in our body and the aura

3. Emotional Body

We should be free to express our emotions when we feel happy or sad, excited or angry. Sometimes, when we surpress our emotions, these blocked emotions can affect the physical body in a negative way. It is also damaging if we constantly express negative emotions, sometimes even addictive to it. By balancing our emotions, we can balance our health

4. Mental Body

Our thoughts create our reality. Our outer experience is always a reflection of our inner thoughts/belief. By consciously choosing and mastering our thoughts, we can change our life

5. Spiritual Body

We are a spiritual being living in a physical body. Our body can only last for a certain time, but our spirit is eternal. By living a spiritual life, that includes doing something that in accordance to your life purpose or passion. If we are lost, we can always clear our mind, be still and meditate for guidance to guide us back to a path that will serve our highest good and well-being. Ask and it is given. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear